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Truth or Dare (Moodle)

A learning site that challenges you to prove what you know by a truth or a dare. (A work in progress) Openbadges, Moodle 2.6, Moodle plugins for gamification

Gamification and Education

Listen to a 20 minute explanation of gamification and how this can applied in education. This presentation includes suggestions for how to configure an LMS gradebook.

Velvet Throne-Classroom Gamification

A classroom gamification project to increase participation and completion rates over one semester learing Digital Media. Learners formed Houses and Guilds and received badges.


Announcement: New book published october 2015

Gamification With Moodle - Purchase from Packt Publishing

Games , Play and Learning

Use game elements in Moodle courses to build learner resilience and motivation

This book describes how teachers can use Gamification design in their course development with the Moodle learning management system to build learner resilience and motivation.

Gamification is a design process that reframes goals to be more appealing and achievable using the principles of game design. The goal of this process is to keep learners engaged and motivated in a way that is not always present in traditional courses. When implemented through elegant solutions, learners may be unaware of the subtle game elements being used. A Gamification strategy can be considered successful if learners are more engaged and feel challenged and confident to keep progressing, which has implications for the way teachers consider their course evaluation processes. It is important to note that Gamification in education is more about how the person feels at certain points in their learning journey than about the end product, which may or may not, look like a game.

Play is the highest form of research, Einstein

At Moojoo, we research, explore, and promote the latest educational technologies to support education. This includes:

  • Gamification to engage and motivate learners
  • Personalised Learning using Tin Can Api Learning Record Store
  • Interactive Videos
  • Content Creation using HTML5
  • Workshops in Gamification and Educational Technology.

Games and play are a natural way for humans to learn. Gamification is defined as, “the process of making activities more game-like". The goal of gamification in education is higher engagement and higher levels of retention and completion.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" , Mandela
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The Moodle for Motivation guide Moodle (or other LMS) activities are matched to Bartle's Player Types: Achievers, Socialisers, Explorers and Killers. It provides a simple at-a-glance reference for starting to use gamified techniques in your course development. Although we play multiple roles and change the roles we play over time, understanding these stereotypes can provide insight into the wide range of motivations behind participants' actions.

See page 17 for contribution by Natalie Denmeade.

'The Most Effective Uses of Gamification in Learning! In this Free ebook you will find useful information about Gamification, its applications, and impact on the reshaping of learning, provided by 23 Gamification professionals. They were all carefully selected based on their specialized knowledge on Gamification, education and business, as well as their innovative projects in this field. They share their wisdom and provide tips on the effective use of Gamification in the learning process. '

Some highlights of elearning projects I have been involved with over the last few years. Most of these links will open as working eLearning interactions or slideshare presentations.




Webinars / Presentations

Natalie is available for Professional Development Webinars / Presentations on gamification and general educational technologies. The slideshares or recordings of some of these presentations are available for you to view. Moodle- Mahara Meetup, iMOOT annual moodle online conference, QLD eVET seminars, TAFE NSW.

Learning Design

Natalie has been creating websites and content since 1998. Over the last few years she has specialised in learning objects and Learning Management Systems (LMS). She uses a wide-range of software to create engaging, interactive content for a diverse audience. This software includes: Adobe - Captivate, Presenter, Robohelp, Dreamweaver Articulate Storyline Joomla, Moodle and Wordpress, Tin Can Api Learning Record Stores


Natalie enjoys attending (real world) conferences on educational technologies to interact with other like-minded professionals. She has been invited to be a presenter or workshop co-ordinator at various conferences including: Moodle Moot Australia (Gold Coast, Melbourne) K-12 School Moodle Moot (Sydney) eVET Queensland RTO Conference (Brisbane) V2 Conference on Educational Technology (Brisbane) Moodle Posium (Canberra)


These workshops focus on the use of Gamification in the context of Learning and Development and HR, although the general principles apply in other contexts. The interactive workshops include: • Case Studies • Collaborative activities • Individual reflection activities • A small project to design a gamification solution


Adobe Captivate creates scalable HTML5 content that works on tablets and phones with varying screen sizes. There are a wide range of interactive eLearning activity types that are coded to respond to touch controls rather than a mouse. Adobe Captivate now offers responsive Web Design and location aware (GPS) delivery of content.


People’s choice Moodley – Most popular course was awarded to Natalie Denmeade at Moodle Posium Conference 2013 - Australian National University. The Moodley Awards, sponsored by Netspot Australia's leading Moodle partner, are presented to recognise teacher accomplishments in the use of Moodle and to showcase good practice in eLearning design.

Natalie works as a freelance educational gamification consultant. She is interested in researching emerging technologies and how gamification can transform traditional assessment and delivery methods to enable higher engagement and completion. Her technical experience covers Moodle Learning Management System, Mobile Computing, Google Apps for Education and Web Technologies. Her 'Moodle for Motivation Tool Guide' has been distributed widely as a useful tool to promote diversity in e-Assessment using gamification strategies. She has also developed an award-winning Moodle course using gamification principles. Last year she managed two National VET eLearning Strategy projects that explored mobile learning for Indigenous learners.

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North Coast NSW, Australia

Twitter: @moodlemuse


Email: natalie at@ .au

Natalie Denmeade

''Parliaments, governments and political parties, buffeted by volatile transnational markets and rapid technological change, lack the competence, resources and legitimacy to manage complex cross-border flows. To hide their irrelevance, they resort to short-term fixes, political spin and security hysteria. ... Those in leadership positions in multilateral institutions can call great powers to account and help create new spaces where the energies of civil society can combine with the resources of philanthropy to address the challenges of the Great Transition.'

Academic Tribe is a collective of experienced and creative learning designers, education technologists and other education experts, working with institutions and organizations to develop learning solutions.

Academic Tribe Joyce Seitzinger & Mark Smithers

We help organisations, RTOs, universities, not-for-profit and government agencies plan and deliver effective, engaging training – face to face, online and every step in-between across a range of platforms. Melanie Worrall

We provide affordable, inspiring evidence based ‘blended courses’ for schools around technology, innovation, games, gamification, project based learning and digital citizenship.

Teachers in Front Bron Stuckey & Dean Groom

Opening the app a vast sea with some islands is what catches the eye of the player. The map represents the learners understanding of the all the capabilities he or she needs for now and the foreseeable future.

Aspire to Engage Lars Feldman

Tin Can allows you to track any learning experience or achievement, including mobile learning and real world events. It enables you to compare and correlate learning experiences to workplace performance and craft deeply inter-related blended learning experiences..

Tin Can/ Xapi LMS Integration Andrew Downes

Based in New York, Train My Teacher works with school administrators, teachers and technology staff to provide them with a toolkit for effective instructional leadership, strategies for integrating 21st century skills, successfully meeting common core standards, and managing daily activities.

Train My Teacher Karrie Vitti

Gamification is a dynamic and exciting industry that brings together game mechanics and marketing to create engagement and solve problems. Gabe Zichermann
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iMoot 2014 - Global Online Moodle Conference iMoot is the largest online Moodle Conference with international Speakers.

Pukunui Global Moodle Community

You can find out more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation, Plato